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Powerful ftp stuff 5 stars by golfer Jan 12, 2008
I've been trying and buying stuff off of SnapFiles for at least a couple years. This is my first review. This program does some very interesting things. The developer was helpful with the questions I had. The only negative is the documentation is not as comprehensive as it could be BUT the developer is working on updating it. Although the doc is not where I'd like to see it, the developer was gracious in clarifying areas I was confused. Clearing up my questions didn't take much, just a few sentences from the developer. Bottom line, if you have to move or copy files from a FTP site or network, this thing ROCKS !!! It is worth being patient with to learn it. I'm going box-by-box to get an understanding of all its features, think I'm going to have lots of uses other than the thing I originally needed this program for. Good luck and thanks again SnagFiles. show Review details
Very powerful 4 stars by jonesmabel Sep 13, 2007 (Read all my 5 reviews)
If you need to move/copy/delete files locally or by ftp and you think you cannot do it with this program then look closer because you probably will discover that it is possible. Very powerful. show Review details
Feature loaded 4 stars by mwarts Aug 28, 2007 (Read all my 4 reviews)
There is probably not much left of what you could do with copy / move file this programm can't. Allthoug the Interface is not straight forward and the time until you get the "grip" is higher as in other tools, this one is amazing. I love it every day more. There is so much to explore. I asked myself if it is worth buying the Full Version and I did buy it mainly out of my support ethics for good shareware programmers and I did not regret it. No more sorting my downloads myself, Moveit2 does it for me. show Review details
Excellent program with a lot of power. 4 stars by simpsonuk2 Jul 31, 2007
I love MoveIt2. The interface is pretty simple, but behind it lies a lot of power. You can configure it to run as a service (yes, this is supported) and it will then happily run in the background, ready to move, copy or delete files automatically. It hardly uses any resources (it only uses just over 4k of memory). It has intelligent file moving options so that you can tell it to only move files if other applications aren't using them (very handy). Configuration is quite straight forward. Once it's setup, you can just leave it running as a service, no problems at all. One very useful application for this program is to automatically move files which you download using a peer2peer client, so that they are not available for others to download from you. You can also use it for automatic backups, or even write your own scripts. The developer is very helpful and will consider including new features by request. I can't recommend this program enough! show Review details
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