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It works.... but 2 stars by desertjon May 06, 2012 (Read all my 18 reviews)
Installed pc tools antivirus to see what all the fuss was about..It downloaded in 20 minutes (125MB) of definitions and core files..and performed a full scan in 15 minutes..Found 3 infections and removed them...BUT when I checked the installation size I was surprised (300MB) including the Browser security toolbar..and while scanning..it used 1GB of memory..A bit much for my older PC with Pentium 4.. show Review details
There are better ones available 1 stars by Shodan816 Dec 07, 2010 (Read all my 42 reviews)
It simply cannot compare with avast Home edition, which is also free and available here on Snapfiles. show Review details
Hold on a second... 3 stars by iAmEKMA Sep 09, 2010 (Read all my 6 reviews)
Just a word to the wise...this program is made by Symantec...the same company that makes Norton's. For those that don't know, Norton's is a resource hog and is extremely hard to remove (it literally takes control of your system). Now, just as Norton's is a "good" anti-virus, I'm sure this is as well. However, you won't find it on my computer as I believe there are better options than this...hence the "'s around the word good. Most people will find this program handy/helpful...just know that it is made by the same people that make Norton`s. [Editor`s note: This product is made by PC Tools. The company has been recently acquired by Symantec, however Symantec had nothing to do with the development of this software.] show Review details
Works great! 5 stars by jlhns40 May 04, 2008 (Read all my 10 reviews)
I use this antivirus with Threatfire, also from PC Tools, and it works great. The full scan is a little slow-64 minutes, but I've got time for thoroughness. It looks like the negative reviews were all over 6 months ago, so possibly they are using an older version. I have XP Sp2 1.7Ghz Pentium M and have no problems with locking up or running slow. show Review details
Excellent! 4 stars by scarysquirrel Jan 11, 2008 (Read all my 9 reviews)
PC Tools must have cured the problems referred to earlier, especially the references to it being a memory hog. On my pc (xp sp2; 1 gig ram), it has a small footprint, is perfectly stable, uses way less memory than McAfee, Comodo, or Avast. I set it to check for updates daily, which it does; so that doesn't appear to be an issue, either. I use it along with their free firewall which is equally good. show Review details
Good anti virus program 5 stars by drstix Oct 19, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I love this AV program, it's free, it keeps my machine clean, it runs smooth, it is one of the smallest memory footprints on my computer. The interface is simple and intuitive. There are updates very often. People are always telling me about some "awesome" AV program or another, and every once in a while I try one(6 so far) and they never find anything so I know PC tools has it together, I have some of their other products as well and love em' all! show Review details
Leave it alone 1 stars by appollo13 Mar 31, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This gives P.C. tools a BIT OF A BAD NAME. its a shame. it hangs explorer slows the PC down and runs riot with normal programs this is one item from P C tools i could not get of my system quick enough As for me its a big let down from the P C Tools stable. show Review details
Three small cheers and a great big boo.... 2 stars by Djohnfot Feb 08, 2007 (Read all my 5 reviews)
PC Tools antivirus is a thoroughly great antivirus program if one looks only at the interface, features, and ease of use. In those categories it is at-or-near the top of the heap. What made me dislike the program was program bloat! This program slowed both of my computers (using XP SP2) down to an alarming degree. I was not surprised that it slowed one down (PIII with 256mb RAM) but it should not have done so with the other computer (3gHz P4 with 1gb RAM). It's the resident shields that do it - disable them and everythings back to speed which is totally unacceptable. PC Tools needs to optimize their code (is this written in visual basic?!?) so the shields run butter. Fix the bloat and PC Tools will have a world class antivirus program instead of one that reminds me of a beta release. As it is - NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME show Review details
Not really good enough yet 2 stars by Belatucadrus Jan 15, 2007 (Read all my 13 reviews)
I like testing freebies and have experience of avast!, AVG, Antivir, Komodo and even ClamWin. So I was interested to see another option on the list and put it on my test machine. It didn't stay there long, while fully featured with a nice interface, it has enormous RAM requirements, taking between four and five times as much as similar avast! installations. It also gave me a less than satisfactory Internet experience, frequently bringing FireFox and IE to a complete halt. As it stands it's got all the bits you need but is badly flawed and until they sort out its' RAM hog tendencies and the browser problem, isn't going to cut it when compared with the other usual free offerings and I really pity anybody who coughed up for the Paid version. show Review details
Bloated 2 stars by alnjk01 Jan 07, 2007 (Read all my 124 reviews)
Very large footprint as compared to similar applications,excessive system resource usage while scanning or not! Relatively speedy scanning but base file seems small,as compared to others. Can't verify the effectiveness of the protection but for the processing power used by this program in its general protection mode I would not recommend this application. show Review details
Useless... hangs explorer 3 stars by jszlauko Jan 03, 2006
This would probably be a great program if only it wouldn't hang Explorer! Whenever I have this thing running on my Windows XP system, Windows Explorer stops responding and I cannot do ANYTHING until I exit this AntiVirus program. show Review details
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