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Heads up! 2 stars by AungDin May 27, 2006 (Read all my 22 reviews)
I was pleased with this program's performance initially. I installed a new internet explorer and could not get arovaxshield to allow the browser to go directly to my homepage vs. the run once introductory page of the explorer. I un-installed arovaxshield and re-booted. That's when I discovered the uninstallation process disabled my firewall, my anti-virus protection and also administrative priviledges. This prevented me from activating the firewall or the AV protection. I found some other undesirable registry changes as well. In short if you put this baby on you system, you need to know how to remove it without making some uninvited changes in your start up process. show Review details
Not quite perfect yet 2 stars by SNAKEPLISKEN May 17, 2006
The program does what it says but there are some bugs. If you set it to ask you on detection, it does ask you if you want to block or allow the program but once you click on allow/block, the program resets itself back to the "Don't ask me option", so from then on it will block everything without asking. I also found out that after uninstalling, it wipes out your start-up files and had to use Windows XP-system restore to go back in time before I installed Arovax Shield. I also did not find a "Restore Option" if you block a program and find out later that it was not harmful to your pc. show Review details
This is great!! 5 stars by vig04_117 Mar 24, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This is gr8 piece of software which intelligently monitors the registry and identifies any changes. Use this with ad-aware and your PC will be totally secure. show Review details
Arovaxshield deserved favourite 4 stars by northwest Feb 23, 2006 (Read all my 5 reviews)
I seem to recall antivirus tools pointing out problem but - too late registry already changed, and hard work trying to reverse that. Arovax shield demands ask before any registry change. It concentrates an that task and does it well. show Review details
Work fine under w2k and xp only 4 stars by xenestis Jan 19, 2006 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Without firefox installed,produced warning message after start./firefox not found!/has no removal feature,only prevent an attack to system.prevention work excellent.for removal function you can use the free arovax antispyware show Review details
So far very good. 4 stars by alnjk01 Dec 09, 2005 (Read all my 124 reviews)
Been using this now for over a month. It is easy on system resources,seems very stable,nice simplistic interface and easy to use options. The detection response is fantastic compared to many other shield type programs as well as "intrusion detection software" programs that I've used. Actually sometimes it beats my present IDS shareware program on notification responses! Also I have to admit that I have tried testing out its capabilities and it did notify every time it should have. Its log also works very well giving detailed results. The only weak point I noticed is its cookie tracking shield which has missed on occasion. Alas; it is good to see software like this that isn't bloated, performs well and keeps things simple enough so anyone can use it and won't feel intimidated. show Review details
A great security program 5 stars by bellgamin Nov 08, 2005 (Read all my 11 reviews)
Arovax is a shield against unwanted changes to browser settings and key startup/registry files. It is *somewhat* similar to programs such as WinPatrol and WinSonar, but with fewer features and a much lighter footprint. Its alerts are faster than those for WinPatrol or Winsonar. Aro's developer is personally monitoring and participating in Aro's own forum, as well as major security forums such as CastleCops and Wilders. Aro is stringently maintained. It's very stable on my granddaughter's WinME machine -- which is saying a lot. I highly recommend Arovax. However, if you are paranoid, or if you are prone to surfing in the internet's *shark infested waters*, then you probably need a full-on Host-based Intrusion Protection System (HIPS) such as Online Armor. As for moi, I use Aro 99% of the time, and use Online Armor whenever I feel like doing something stupid (from a security standpoint, that is.) show Review details
Mixed experience, mixed review 4 stars by JoeNagarya Aug 31, 2005
The program is attractive, and has an unusually simple interface: there isn't much to do as for settings (which can disappoint software freaks such as myself). But for that reason it is easy to use, and recommended for those new to computers, and, especially, anti-spyware utilities. Caveat: it crashed one of my 98se systems, for which reason I'll not try it on the other. It does seem to work fine with Windows 2000 and XP. Otherwise, it is difficult to know whether a passive program is doing anything as, well, they are passive. I do get more warnings from Spybot -- Search and Destroy, which makes me wonder a bit. Hopefully it will work properly in future with 98se; but that experimentation I'll leave to others. Recommended with those considerations in mind. show Review details
Another arrow in a security quiver 4 stars by Bobb999 Aug 11, 2005 (Read all my 8 reviews)
It does work to alert you when it detects attempted changes made on your pc.So far (I haven't had it long) it warned at times such as at a Windows update. Of course, I clicked "Allow". Presumably, if it detects changes to programs of a suspect kind it will detect those also. And it seems to get along well with other programs. I've noticed in general terms virtually no malware or viruses have been getting a toe hold anymore. My "combo" seems to be working well. Preventatives used also include Spybot's Tea Timer real time monitor, Spyware Guard, Spyware Blaster, MS Anti Spyware, NoScript (A Foxfire add-on), and then a bunch of scans I run for evidence my preventatives are preventing. I'm more secure now than ever before. I'm always clean for a change.What a relief! show Review details
Arovaxshield and explorer crashes 4 stars by ClifNotes Jul 12, 2005 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I am running WindowsME and Avast AntiVirus. I installed ArovaxShield and shortly after starting it apparently caused continuous crashing in Explorer. I was not able to exit Windows normally so I powered down and tried again. Same thing second time. Finally I booted into safe mode and was able to remove Arovax. After that everything was fine. The program looks very good and it has a simple interface. I'm sure it works fine for some people but it sure didn't work for me. Don't let my review keep you from trying this. It looks like it could be a winner once they get a few bugs worked out, and you may not have any problems with it on your machine. show Review details
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