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Actual booster does what it says. 5 stars by MarkSnowden Oct 15, 2006
I've given this software an Excellent mark throughout. Interface, well you could say it was fair to good but hey it is very basic and that is all you need for this software so as an interface that is well designed for the job and very simple to use it gets an Excellent. Features, well it has 1 really. It will set the CPU priority of any program that you are currently running in the foreground to 'High Priority' (i.e. the program you're actually using) greatly increasing it's speed and efficiency. All other software running in the background stays at it's normal setting. This program also allows you to change it's default High priority setting. I had been looking for a piece of software that would allow me to change the process priorities of software. This piece of software does the job quite well. My computer is now running how I want it to run. Recommended show Review details
A perfect perfomance booster! 5 stars by JohnTampenar Jul 18, 2006
I was surprised how perfect this program works, not only does it automatically set priority to your primary window (which makes sense for most users most of the time) but allows you to set just what kind of preference you want right up to real-time mode. In usage this program uses just under 2Mb of system Ram which is acceptable for most users. + Gives real performance increases for 90% of users. Slim footprint and sensible interface. - Costs you 2Mb of your system RAM. show Review details
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