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Resource hog 2 stars by Poolboynatural May 15, 2007
This program will slow your internet surfing to a crawl and when you check your taskmanager you will find it using 100% of your cpu while waiting for web pages to load. Unless you have a super fast (new) computer with gig's of memory don't waste your time with this program show Review details
Bad! 1 stars by virgin Jan 27, 2007 (Read all my 3 reviews)
It is a bit of a ram hog, and the startup of the program is very slow. show Review details
Pc tools has a winner! 5 stars by bigman Jan 13, 2007
I was using .... It was taking to long to scan my computer. So I switched to Spyware Doctor and it scans fast. It picks up all those nasty bugs lurking out there. I would not go on the internet with out it! show Review details
Do not take results as gospel 2 stars by DoubtingOne Feb 20, 2006
Just because Spyware Doctor indicates that it has found something on your computer do not take the results of the trial version or full version as being written in stone. No scanning software is foolproof. No support is available for the trial version which has a limited feature set. show Review details
All things to all people 3 stars by alnjk01 Jan 19, 2006 (Read all my 124 reviews)
The software seems very stable with a speedy scanner. It is also well laid out with a good explanation of functions. Its detection rate seems good to very good although like every other software of this type it finds things that others do not and visa versa. Having said that it does try to be all things to all people whereas it implies that it protects against and finds almost everything! I myself prefer specialized programs for specific malware. As an example it does say that it removes rootkits. Well it didn't detect nor remove two that I had on my pc. As far as system resource usage, well during on-guard protection it used a small/moderate amount but with intermittent bursts of very large amounts! During scanning it uses more system resources than any other program of this type that I have used! And last, it is based on annual renewal which begs the question,"is it worth it" as compared to other programs that are not subscription based? show Review details
Second year renewal --- simple and effective. 5 stars by Minuet Jan 03, 2006 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I deleted my review from Feb 2005. I've now renewed for a second year. Unusual for me, I'm a SW developer and switch packages frequently. I run this on a family computer and it does a great job with very little effort on my part. I also run a paid AdAware and freeware versions of others, like MS (previously Giant SW), SpyBot. Anyway, this is my favorite for effectiveness, and ease of use. I forget about it and it updates itself and just works. Could be because the family PC generates lots of low laying fruit. What prompted this update and my renewal was evaluating another package then having spyware doctor find a bunch of serious and undetected items. That said, I wish it had a better interface and features for someone that thinks they know what they are doing. Also, there is no family licensing. The questions I've asked of support were answered in a timely manner. show Review details
Strong but hungry 4 stars by Leendert Nov 07, 2005 (Read all my 27 reviews)
Excellent anti-spyware tool, very capable. I've adopted it, but I do not use the real-time feature: it absorbs far too much RAM, over 40MB in my case. Still, on regular scanning, it has found one malware no other dedicated software had, which is relevant. Easy of use, all aspects of spyware intrusion are taken care of, excellent very regular data updates. I guess 40MB of RAM is the price to pay, but it is really heavy. show Review details
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