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Interface and fax quality out of whack 1 stars by LedAstray Feb 25, 2007
The Snappy Fax interface makes it hard to use because it has like about 20 columns with their descriptions all crunched together so you can't read what they say. When you adjust the column widths to your liking so you can read them, and then restart the application again, the columns don't stay the way you had them but get all crunched together again. And it's very limited on how you can filter the columns you want to appear. Also, I imported several document pages from Word to Snappy Fax but when previewed before actually faxing them, they were very hard to read. The characters looked all askew and out of whack, like it was from a ancient thermal paper fax machine. God forbid you should fax a resume to someone with this, it would end up going straight into the garbage can. show Review details
Thumbs up! 4 stars by DittoMarks May 20, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
We're giving Snappy Fax a two-thumbs up. While the interface is a little less than elegant, and the feature set can be further developed, there are facets of this software we just absolutely love. We can't live without the de-skew feature, for instance, but hope the author works on a find-as-you-type feature for adding a recipient to your fax. All in all, this is the kind of software we are happy to monetarily support, in hopes of encouraging the author to continue developing and maturing his program. show Review details
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