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Stands out in the crowd 4 stars by css945814 Sep 30, 2012
Great program - professional and mature in look and feel, very intuitive and seems to roll together many of the best features found on other snippet managers (well, "best features" for my needs anyway..) Unfortunately there are a couple of very minor bugs, and to my knowledge nobody yet has been successful in teasing a response out of the author. Add that to the fact that it hasn't seen an update in over 5 years, and the author's own site doesn't currently have a download link (sites like this one will still link ok at the moment to the binary stored on his server), and I can only conclude that it's more or less been abandoned. :( Being abandoned might normally be considered a disadvantage, except that in the snippet manager space, SO many alternative applications also seem to be abandoned. With that in mind, in this case it might not be as much of a disadvantage as first thought. I guess many are written as minor hobby projects? Anyway, to sum up, if there were a paid version available that was at least being supported in terms of bug fixes, I'd be on it in a heartbeat. show Review details
Totally great program! 5 stars by steve_h May 01, 2011 (Read all my 5 reviews)
I love this for keeping my coding snippets for programming anything that I write. You can keep separate databases for VBJava or any program you wish. I must say I am addicted to it. I wish the programmer would add more features to it. I have not seen any new versions on a while. show Review details
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