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It misses changes to contents 2 stars by fernman Oct 06, 2010 (Read all my 8 reviews)
Agreed with Hitchiker [June 2009], it does not copy all files. I used EZBack-it-up for a few months, thought it was the best, until I discovered on my last use it had ignored any changes since the previous backup to the files and folders it had backed up. Now I'm looking for something more reliable. show Review details
Saved my bacon 5 stars by CountryHam Mar 25, 2010
Several years ago I installed second HDD on wife's and other friends' computers. Put EZBack-it-up on each. Set to automatically backup "My Documents" and some other files from 'application data' (such as AOL's organize and backup), as well as the desktop. Forgot about it until two of them had HDD failures. WOW ! All the data was there and current. I love this program. show Review details
Simply the best 5 stars by fivish Feb 13, 2010
This backup software is simply the best. You wont find better anywhere for any money (or free). The only issue I have with it is that when run on a schedule the log date/time does not update. It easily gets my 10/10. show Review details
Fundamentally lacking 2 stars by Hitchhiker Jun 21, 2009
Reasonably simple and easy to use. However, it does NOT copy all files. It seems that if the system is blocking a file for some reason or other (typically where using explorer copy you would get "Access denied") then this utility does not copy it, but does not tell you that the file is not copied. Very frustrating. The other idiocy is the way it seems to add directories and names apparently as it pleases to the given target path. This utility is probably good for basic work, but not for serious use. show Review details
Simple and effective 5 stars by SpeedyGee Feb 16, 2009
An excellent user-friendly backup facility that has saved my bacon on a number of occasions. Files are saved in unadulterated format - just plain copies (not compressed), which can be transferred back when they are needed. The scheduler works a treat - set it and forget it. show Review details
Super little program 5 stars by Shadow Dec 05, 2007 (Read all my 5 reviews)
You can waste your time downloading and trying a whole bunch of backup programs, but you won't find one that's free, does a great job, and is as easy to use as EZBack-it-up. Trust me, I've tried. show Review details
5 star program 5 stars by talisman Jul 01, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I have been using this program for nearly three years.It is rock solid and reliable and it's drag and drop interface is brilliant.I have tried several other high-rated backup programs but always come back to this.Since it backs up without compression every single backed up file is immediately available in the same layout and no zip file is required.For such a small program it is packed with features such as schedules etc and the back up list can very easily be modified.Great program show Review details
Under rated 5 stars by bak2bak Dec 12, 2006
A very easy and error free backup utility. I've used other over rated backup software that always seemed to leave errors when finished. Well EZBack-it-up runs flawless. Excellent program. show Review details
Saved my life 5 stars by WonderfulForHisAge Feb 06, 2006 (Read all my 3 reviews)
For over a year I have used this super little program to backup critical data to a 1gb usb memory stick at 1000am each day. Last week; disaster. A virus got me. But, my critical data was there awaiting my pleasure when I reformatted and reloaded. The program is easy (even for this non technological pensioner) to use. I had backed up various user names and passwords, my PDA data (names, addresses telephone numbers etc.)and my AOL 'organize' file. I also had some critical copies of letters backed up. I didn't back up my Skype user data which I have lost - silly me. EZB has saved my bacon. Say no more. show Review details
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