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Very frustrating! 1 stars by dogbows Jul 18, 2013
Although I downloaded this product from the author's website, I found this product very frustrating. I could not find a way to add an Inbox or other sub folders to each individual account. I could not find a way to retrieve or send mail at my own convenience. However, the most frustrating was trying to uninstall this product. If anyone else decides to uninstall this product, make sure you remove the Pegasus Rendering HTML before you remove the email client itself, otherwise you cannot remove the Rendering HTML. showShow review details
Tops! 5 stars by JMMannion Mar 24, 2011 (Read all my 25 reviews)
I have always kept Pegasus Mail on my hard drive, computer after computer I move it with the new machine. It is difficult to learn, but the rewards are worth it. After a few hours (maybe more) things fall into place and you will not want to be without it. I think of it as "Unique" because it is just so nice to use. The big plus it always works. showShow review details
The best e-mail program available. 5 stars by BreezyCricket Mar 29, 2009 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Judging from the other reviews I must definitely be in the minority because I don't find this program confusing at all. Like all similar programs there is a 'Compose' button and a 'Send' button and a ??? button, all of which may not be labeled the same or be in the same location as those in Outlook Express, but in trying to find the Pegasus counterpart by exploring the icons on the toolbars, one may actually be quite surprised as to the myriad of other features Pegasus has. I am now using the latest Beta version and would highly recommend it to all. I would also recommend that all users donate to this project, even if it is only a small donation, because this program is certainly well worth it and it would be a pity if development were to stop due to a lack of funds. showShow review details
Power and stability with learning curve 5 stars by elfforavia Jan 24, 2006 (Read all my 5 reviews)
The interface is a little confusing at first, but it's worth it to invest a little time in learning the program. It's like the Photoshop of email. Once learned, you'll find that many tasks are actually easier, like making filters: select an email, press the filter button, and a wizard offers you a choice of filtering options based on the characteristics of the email you chose. To put somebody in the address book, simply drag and drop their email into the address book. Automatic features are superior: HTML mail is *strongly* filtered for security. A notepad is included. It, and other lists, like the queue, draft manager, address book, and filters, can be tabbed, tiled, or cascaded. This is not only a superior email application, but a superior app all-around. I wish somebody made a word processor this good. showShow review details
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