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No thanks 3 stars by Donald1 Apr 15, 2011 (Read all my 4 reviews)
While I know Windows Media Player is OK and many Mac Users out there drool over bloated Itunes and QuickTime, I found this player hard to figure out: CONS: 1. Import of file play lists OK, but had to much crap on the Display List forcing me to heavily modify it. 2. Podcast Crapola: Don't need configurations for features I DON'T need or want. Apple makes such a piss deal on a media file type it DIDN'T create. It's a video/audio file type, OK. 3. Help file Poor - No self-contained index 4. JRiver hounds you to upgrade to its PRO version which offers video encoding, Why? Use the software that came with your webcam for that. 5. Media Preview? Hey, ever hear of PAUSE and STOP buttons? PROS: File info from internet was well done in completing missing info in files. show Review details
I call it MediaTunes 5 stars by gimpguy Oct 17, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
It's a nice mix of Itunes and WMP, but BETTER. I don't like those darn web home pages though, very irritating! Seems so many have that now. Aside from that, it handled my ipod with no problems, skinnable, very easy to use. It plays very nicely, has oodles of options, I like it and it's now replaced all my media players and handles everything. Great work on this one! Oh, and if you are like me and DON'T like the web home pages when it opens, just set it to open to last page which is whatever you left off on in the options. show Review details
Definitely a keeper 4 stars by Paddy_60 Mar 09, 2008 (Read all my 4 reviews)
An excellent, no nonsense little player, with a decent array of features. Definitely a keeper! show Review details
The perfect media player 5 stars by pcs800 Feb 20, 2008 (Read all my 222 reviews)
I have been looking for this for a very long time! I need a music player for my laptop which goes to bar gigs with me, between my band sets we play music through the PA system from the laptop. One huge issue has always been mp3 files being different volumes, one sounds fine, the next blows peoples ear drums out. This media player has built in normalization! Along with a good equalizer (so many don't have one), clean and simple interface, fast loading and glitchless operation, this is definitely the one to have. Even if this was shareware, I would have bought it. show Review details
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