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No way 1 stars by gimpguy Aug 23, 2013 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Thought I'd give this another go since my last review and to be honest, it still doesn't feel like much thought went into the interface. Not sure about better plugins as most of them don't even work. For example, trying to clone using the current source, won't work unless I choose a whole different image. Work area, why? It works outside the work area anyway. Bucket fill, crashes program. Stamp tool? No stamp, must be and alpha stamp since you can't see it no matter what you set it to. Paint brush works sometimes, editor is slow considering how basic the interface is. To be honest, this is likely the sloppiest thrown together graphics app I've seen, the user interface makes no sense how it's set up, tools, options, all of it is very odd compared to any other editor I've used and I can say, I think I've used every type of free and paid for graphic program there is, if not, the numbers are few and again, I just scratched my head on this one. I worked at this for some time hoping to get some sense of WOW out of it, that never happened. I did get errors when using more basic things and as I said, a crash which in truth I got more than 4. I doubt I will even attempt to use this again. One mistake, I thought this was FREE unless it was changed since my review, I see now. In this case, I say no WAY... I gave it a low rating thinking free... paid for???? No no no and ... no. I can't recommend this as a paid software. I change my rating no nil. show Review details
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