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A-dopey 3 stars by gimpguy Sep 12, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Well, my son's friend just bought the full CS3 Adobe, and I downloaded a trial as well. I have to say, for the price, it's a rip off. It's worth a couple hundred easily but not what they ask, that is robbery. The features are great, and yeah, it's the grand daddy of editors, not a weak app by any means and does unlimited amounts of creation, editing and what not. However, I have done anything in the free Gimp and inkscape that PS can do, it's just a learning experience is all, different means of doing things, of course inkscape helps as well. So really, Adobe can have equivalents to it from a couple of apps, and heck, I'm not shelling out nearly a grand for them either! I won't lie and say Adobe doesn't have more features than any standard free app, but not enough to make me pay that kind of money. I wasn't THAT impressed by it. I think I'll buy a really nice PC instead and run Gimp happily! show Review details
A tool for color manipulation . . . 5 stars by JMMannion Feb 09, 2007 (Read all my 25 reviews)
PhotoShop is an expensive professional tool like AutoDesk's AutoCAD. PhotoShop is a continual learning experience. If a person has the wherewithal to purchase PhotoShop and the time and patience to learn how it functions, then it is a worthwhile program. However, it is designed more for the commercial user. A logical substitute for the casual paint manipulation user would be The Gimp. Not nearly as definitive, but will handle the average requirements. I suggest Photofiltre for touch ups and IrfanView for just about every other image handling requirements. Both of these small programs are stable, comfortable to use and tried and proven by most professionals. If a person is confused and agitated by either of the latter two programs, then PhotoShop is absolutely not the solution to the problem. A person would then want to consider Picasa2. JMM show Review details
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