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JPEG and PNG Stripper JPEG and PNG Stripper Free remove metadata from images rating
PDF Eraser PDF Eraser Free remove text, images and objects from PDF files rating
K2pdfopt K2pdfopt Free optimize PDF files for portable devices rating
Photos2Folders Photos2Folders Free sort camera photos into folders rating
WinRoboCopy WinRoboCopy Free front end for Windows RoboCopy rating
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BirdFont BirdFont Free design your own fonts rating
WinRoboCopy WinRoboCopy Free front end for Windows RoboCopy rating
Path Copy Copy Path Copy Copy Free copy file paths to the clipboard rating
Photos2Folders Photos2Folders Free sort camera photos into folders rating
Tweetz Desktop Tweetz Desktop Free desktop twitter client rating

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JPEG and PNG Stripper screenshot

icon JPEG and PNG Stripper v1.5.7.70 New by Steel Bytes Pty Ltd

JPEG & PNG Stripper is a simple tool that removes EXIF tags and other metadata from JPG/JPEG/JFIF and PNG files without effecting the image quality. Removing metadata from images (especially EXIF data) can help you protect your... [Read more]

PDF Eraser screenshot

icon PDF Eraser v1.0.3 New by PDFEraser

PDF Eraser enables you to remove unwanted text, images and objects from a PDF file and save the edited version as new PDF document. Simply load the PDF file and use the small, large or medium eraser tool to remove the unwanted portion... [Read more]

K2pdfopt screenshot

icon K2pdfopt v2.15 New by Willus

K2pdfopt is a tool to optimize PDF/DJVU files for use on mobile e-readers. It comes with presets for popular Kindle and Nook devices as well as an option to create custom presets for your device or smartphone. Unlike some other tools... [Read more]

Photos2Folders screenshot

icon Photos2Folders v0.4 beta New by Acrojax Solutions Inc.

Photos2Folders enables you to quickly sort your camera photos into folders based on the Date Taken date contained in the JPG files. You can customize how the photos are sorted by selecting which subfolders you want to create (Year... [Read more]

WinRoboCopy screenshot

icon WinRoboCopy v1.2.5148 New by Open Source Developer

WinRoboCopy is a GUI front end that uses the Windows RoboCopy command to provide and easy way to perform complex file copy and replication actions. Unlike the Windows copy/xcopy commands, RoboCopy supports multi-threaded operations and... [Read more]

Health Monitor screenshot

icon Health Monitor v2.2.1.1 New by CanopusWare

Health Monitor enables you to keep track of your medical readings in a database from where you can view your accumulated data as graphs, gauges or reports. The program supports detailed reading for Blood Pressure as well as Weight... [Read more]

Path Copy Copy screenshot

icon Path Copy Copy v11.1 New by Charles Lechasseur

Path Copy Copy is an extension for Windows Explorer that allows you to quickly copy the path or name of a file or folder to the clipboard. You can also select a group of files and folders and copy a complete list of all file and folder... [Read more]

PromptSpeak screenshot

icon PromptSpeak v0.6 New by Shazmataz Productions

PromptSpeak is a free software for those who have speech impediments and find it difficult to speak in certain situations (e.g. on the phone). It allows you to prepare various sentences by typing them into one of 7 available slots and... [Read more]

Font Loader screenshot

icon Font Loader v1.2 New by TrishTech

Font Loader is a small and simple tool that allows you to temporarily load one or more fonts without having to permanently install them on your system. If you frequently work on projects that require the use of special fonts, you can... [Read more]

CrowdInspect screenshot

icon CrowdInspect v1.0.0.1 New by CrowdStrike Inc.

CrowdInspect is a host-based process inspection tool that analyzes all currently running TCP/UDP processes and checks them for positive or negative feedback with several online services. The interface displays the list of currently... [Read more]

Clipjump screenshot

icon Clipjump v11.0 New by Avi Aryan

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 5 (1)
  • Popularity:66

Clipjump is a multiple-clipboard manager that automatically keeps track of everything you copy to the Windows clipboard, regardless of the format. You can then easily recall any previously copied item and re-paste it as needed. Unlike... [Read more]

BirdFont screenshot

icon BirdFont v0.37 New by Johan Mattsson

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 1 (1)
  • Popularity:88

BirdFont is a font editor that lets you create vector graphics and export them to TTF, EOT and SVG fonts. You can create your own fonts from scratch with a variety of drawing tools that let you design the vectors for each letter, or you... [Read more]

Tweetz Desktop screenshot

icon Tweetz Desktop v0.8.17 New by Mike Ward

Tweetz Desktop is a Windows twitter client that fits comfortably in the corner of your desktop, allowing you to keep track of your Twitter account and post new tweets without having to use your browser. You can switch between your... [Read more]

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