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Robusta Port Forwarder Robusta Port Forwarder Free set forwarding rules on your router rating
Windows Inspection Tool Set Windows Inspection Tool Set Free detailed insight into your Windows system rating
PingHurry PingHurry Free visual ping tool rating
FixWin FixWin Free fix common Windows issues rating
FrontFace Lockdown Tool FrontFace Lockdown Tool Free lock down a PC as kiosk terminal rating
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FixWin FixWin Free fix common Windows issues rating
Windows Inspection Tool Set Windows Inspection Tool Set Free detailed insight into your Windows system rating
DrawWiz DrawWiz Free create custom cartoon/anime characters rating
PingHurry PingHurry Free visual ping tool rating
Oceanaudio Oceanaudio Free easy to use audio editor rating

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Robusta Port Forwarder screenshot

icon Robusta Port Forwarder v1.0.0.1 New by Robusta Solutions

Robusta Port Forwarder makes it easy to non-technical users to create forwarding rules on your router without having to access the router's admin interface. The program provides a simple desktop client that lets you add new port... [Read more]

Windows Inspection Tool Set screenshot

icon Windows Inspection Tool Set v3.2.3 New by Ashok P. Nadkarni

Windows Inspection Tool Set (WITS) providing you with detailed insight into your Windows system. You can view operating system information, processes, services, users, network interfaces and connections, file shares, printers and more... [Read more]

PingHurry screenshot

icon PingHurry v1.0 New by Adminscope

PingHurry provides a visual Ping interface that allows network administrators to easily run ping test on different hosts. The results are displayed as real-time graph or in a console list. In addition to Ping, you can run a Trace... [Read more]

FixWin screenshot

icon FixWin v2.1 New by The Windows Club

FixWin is a small, portable program that offers once-click solutions for more than fifty common Windows issues and annoyances. The program covers issues related to Internet and Connectivity, Modern UI (Metro) and Windows Explorer as... [Read more]

FrontFace Lockdown Tool screenshot

icon FrontFace Lockdown Tool v1.2.1 New by mirabyte GmbH & Co. KG

FrontFace Lockdown Tool enables you to protect and lock down any Windows PC for use as public kiosk terminal, digital signage applications or other unattended use. The program allows you to disable a variety of Windows features and... [Read more]

RegBak screenshot

icon RegBak v1.5 New by Acelogix Software

RegBak is a simple utility that makes it easy to create and manage multiple backups of your Windows registry and restore your registry if needed. You can choose the parts of the registry to include in the backup set, customize the... [Read more]

USB Raptor screenshot

icon USB Raptor v0.0.0.43 beta New by Nikos Georgousis

USB Raptor enables you to turn any USB flash drive into a security token that can be used to lock and unlock your computer. The program can automatically lock the system when a specific USB drive is removed from the computer and unlock... [Read more]

FontReport Lite screenshot

icon FontReport Lite v1.2 New by Acute Systems

FontReport Lite enables you to preview OpenType and TrueType fonts along with their detailed OpenType properties. You can load your installed system fonts with the click of a button or preview any external (not installed) fonts from a... [Read more]

FastRawViewer screenshot

icon FastRawViewer v0.9.3 Beta New by LibRaw LLC

FastRawViewer enables you to quickly browse through a folder of RAW files without having to wait for images to render, as it is common in many other image viewers that support RAW camera formats. In addition to lightning fast browsing... [Read more]

Print Conductor screenshot

icon Print Conductor v4.3 New by fCoder Group

Print Conductor is a simple batch printing utility that can be a real time saver if yo frequently need to print multiple files. Manually printing usually requires opening and printing each file separately in the applications used to... [Read more]

ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter screenshot

icon ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter v1.10.50 New by Zola Software

ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter can help you to troubleshoot remote connection issues to a host in your network. The program checks if the remote host can be reached by ping and if it allows access to the file system, registry and... [Read more]

Oceanaudio screenshot

icon Oceanaudio v2.0.10 New by oceanaudio Team

Oceanaudio is an easy to use audio editor that allows you to edit, record and analyze audio files. You can apply various filters and effects with real-time preview of the outcome, edit multiple selections at once and perform many... [Read more]

Acute Batch Image Processor Lite screenshot

icon Acute Batch Image Processor Lite v1.1 New by Acute Systems

Acute Batch Image Processor Lite is a drag&drop image processing tool that lets you convert, resize, recompress, flip and rotate multiple images at once. The program supports various image types (jpeg, gif, png, psd, tiff, bmp, pcd... [Read more]

iCopy screenshot

icon iCopy v1.6.2 New by Matteo Rossi

iCopy lets you combine your scanner and printer into an easy to use photocopier that can automatically scan and print documents with the click of a button. The simple interface lets you manage scanner and printer options, like... [Read more]

mTrawl screenshot

icon mTrawl v4.2 New by Deep Cognition Ltd.

mTrawl is a free website scanner that enables webmasters to scan their site for broken links, missing images and HTML validation errors. The program offers options to customize the scope of the scan (you can check your entire site or... [Read more]

DrawWiz screenshot

icon DrawWiz v1.66 New by XII CNC Inc.

DrawWiz makes it easy to create custom cartoon/anime character drawings without the need for any artistic skills. Instead of drawing characters, you can select from a large variety of face shapes, hair styles, eyes, lips, noses and... [Read more]

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