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RAMExpert RAMExpert Free displays details about your system memory rating
MultiMonitorTool MultiMonitorTool Free configure multiple monitors rating
ExecutedProgramsList ExecutedProgramsList Free view a list of recently run programs rating
ScreenTask ScreenTask Free share your desktop with the local network rating
PortExpert PortExpert Free shows processes that use your network connection rating
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ExecutedProgramsList ExecutedProgramsList Free view a list of recently run programs rating
PhotoSpills PhotoSpills Free photo collage creator rating
PortExpert PortExpert Free shows processes that use your network connection rating
Emsisoft BlitzBlank Emsisoft BlitzBlank Free delete or move files during system boot rating
CSVPad CSVPad Free simple CSV editor rating

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RAMExpert screenshot

icon RAMExpert v1.4.5.11 New by KC Softwares

RAMExpert is an easy to use tool for non-technical users that display how much RAM your computer has installed, the type of RAM and how many empty slots are available for upgrade. Additional details include the name of the memory... [Read more]

MultiMonitorTool screenshot

icon MultiMonitorTool v1.81 New by NirSoft

MultiMonitorTool offers some useful actions for those who have their desktop extended over multiple monitors. You can enable/disable a selected monitor, change resolution or screen orientation, move windows from one monitor to another... [Read more]

ExecutedProgramsList screenshot

icon ExecutedProgramsList v1.00 New by NirSoft

ExecutedProgramsList is a simple forensics tool tool that displays a list of all programs and batch files that have been recently executed on your system. When you start the program, it will automatically generate a list of recently... [Read more]

ScreenTask screenshot

icon ScreenTask v1.0 New by EslaMxSoft

ScreenTask provides a quick and easy way to share your desktop with other users on the local network via LAN or Wifi connection. When you start ScreenTask, it automatically starts a local web server that streams your current desktop... [Read more]

PortExpert screenshot

icon PortExpert v1.1.0.1 New by KC Softwares

PortExpert provides you with a detailed overview of all applications and processes that are using your network or Internet connection. You can filter the list of TCP/UDP connections to exclude local connections and/or system processes... [Read more]

Emsisoft BlitzBlank screenshot

icon Emsisoft BlitzBlank v1.0.0.32 New by Emsisoft GmbH

Emsisoft BlizBlank is a system tool for experienced users that enables you to delete files, registry entries and drivers during boot, before Windows and other programs are loaded. The program is primarily designed to aid in the removal... [Read more]

A Thousand Words screenshot

icon A Thousand Words v1.1 New by Boredom Software

A Thousand Words is a simple screen capture program that is designed to be used by less tech-savvy users who want to document application errors or other Windows problems. It offers a step-by-step wizard that provides instructions and... [Read more]

CSVPad screenshot

icon CSVPad v1.2 New by TrustFm

CSVPad is a simple CSV editor that you can use to add and edit data in comma delimited files. You can add or remove rows and columns, copy information between rows, swap or duplicate rows and perform various other operations to... [Read more]

ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver screenshot

icon ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver v1.9.2.17 New by LTR Data

ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver enables you to create one or more virtual RAM disks that allow you to significantly speed up read and write speeds for any files that are stored in the RAM disk. A virtual RAM disk can be an inexpensive... [Read more]

PhotoSpills screenshot

icon PhotoSpills v4.2 New by InSites Software

PhotoSpills is a photo collage creation software that you can use to create collages (spills) from a variety of preset templates or custom designs. You can pick your collage style and then follow the step-by-step wizard to select the... [Read more]

Funny Webcam screenshot

icon Funny Webcam v1.0 New by Alex Pavlov

Funny Webcam enables you to add funny real-time effects to your webcam video capture. The program can add video frames, distortions, accessories (hats, face masks etc.), animations or video filters and also embed your video into one of... [Read more]

ShellBag Analyzer and Cleaner screenshot

icon ShellBag Analyzer and Cleaner v1.23 New by Goversoft LLC

ShellBag Analyzer and Cleaner can analyze and clean a set of Registry keys known as shellbags. These keys are used by Windows to maintain the size, view, icon, and position of a folder when using Explorer. Shellbags maintain the... [Read more]

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