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Computer Time Manager Computer Time Manager Free Limit PC time with daily and weekly time windows rating
WinDock WinDock Free simplifies moving and resizing windows rating
AnyDesk AnyDesk Free remote desktop software rating
Start Screen Unlimited Start Screen Unlimited Free customize the Windows 8 Start Screen rating
Hddb File Search Hddb File Search Free fast file search tool rating
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Start Screen Unlimited Start Screen Unlimited Free customize the Windows 8 Start Screen rating
AnyDesk AnyDesk Free remote desktop software rating
Hddb File Search Hddb File Search Free fast file search tool rating
ReIcon ReIcon Free Restore Desktop Icon Layouts rating
AutoAdministrator AutoAdministrator Free administer your Windows network rating

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Computer Time Manager screenshot

icon Computer Time Manager v1.0 New by Omega Technical Systems, LLC

Computer Time Manager enables you to limit PC time for kids or other users with daily/weekly time windows and daily time limits. The program supports multiple Windows user accounts and you can choose a custom set of time limits for each... [Read more]

WinDock screenshot

icon WinDock v1.0 New by Ivan Yu

WinDock enables you to easily dock your open windows into predefined positions on one or multiple monitors. To dock a window, simply drag it onto one of the edges or corners of your screen. You can customize the rules to determine how... [Read more]

AnyDesk screenshot

icon AnyDesk v1.0.3 beta New by AnyDesk Software GmbH

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 5 (1)
  • Popularity:77

AnyDesk is a remote desktop software that makes it easy to connect to a remote computer and control the desktop as if you were sitting in front of it. You can use the software to provide technical assistance to friends or family... [Read more]

Start Screen Unlimited screenshot

icon Start Screen Unlimited v2.0.0.20 New by Greatis Software

Start Screen Unlimited enables you to customize the Windows 8 Start Screen by adding a digital clock, Google search, power controls and numerous other gadgets directly to your start screen. Since some of the common features and... [Read more]

DocuFreezer screenshot

icon DocuFreezer v1.0 New by fCoder Group

DocuFreezer enables you to to convert Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to PDF format, while maintaining internal/external links, page layouts and fonts. The program can convert your documents to PDF, PNG, JPG and TIFF... [Read more]

MergePDF screenshot

icon MergePDF v1.0 New by MergePDF

MergePDF is a simple but effective tool that performs a single task - merging multiple PDF files into one. Normally, when you scan a multi-page letter, you end up with one PDF file for each page, which can make it difficult to manage... [Read more]

Secryptor screenshot

icon Secryptor v1.0 New by Shedko Software

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 3 (1)
  • Popularity:44

Secryptor is an easy to use encryption tool that lets you password protect your sensitive files with 256-bit AES encryption. You can save your encrypted file to a local folder or upload it to Dropbox (support for other cloud storage is... [Read more]

EXIF ReName screenshot

icon EXIF ReName v0.1.14 New by Ingemar Ceicer

EXIF ReName is a small tool that enables you to rename your digital images based on their date taken and/or a custom prefix. The program extracts the Date Taken information from the EXIF data of the image file and either appends it to... [Read more]

Autorun Organizer screenshot

icon Autorun Organizer v1.12 New by ChemTable Software

Autorun Organizer enables you to manage all the programs that are set to run automatically when you start Windows. It supports scheduled launches via Registry, Task Scheduler and the Startup Folder. You can review the list of startup... [Read more]

ReIcon screenshot

icon ReIcon v1.3 New by Sordum

ReIcon (Restore Desktop Icon Layouts) is a simple tools that enables you to save the current layout of your desktop icons. If your icons get accidentally rearranged (e.g by changing your desktop resolution), you can easily restore your... [Read more]

AutoAdministrator screenshot

icon AutoAdministrator v2.4.0.2 New by NETIKUS.NET ltd

AutoAdministrator lets you query or update a variety of Windows settings and services across any number of servers and/or workstations, without the need to create a script or perform the actions manually. Simply select the feature... [Read more]

Hddb File Search screenshot

icon Hddb File Search v2.1.4 New by zzl

Hddb File Search is an instant file search tool that makes it easy to locate any file on your computer within seconds by simply typing in the file name (or part of it). Before you can start searching, Hddb will create an index of all... [Read more]

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