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create playlists Playlist Creator is a simple tool that lets you create .m3u or .pls playlists of your MP3 files. You can add individual files or entire folders, and also drag and drop files from Windows Explorer. Copyright

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Publisher odd gravITy Price Free
Version 3.6.2  history Last updated Jan 18, 2010
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A look at playlist creator 3 stars by MrJaw69 Nov 01, 2013 (Read all my 34 reviews)
To my amazement, I actually organized my mp3s, so I had need of a playlist editor. Though the reviews for this one were ominous, they were also several years old, so I took a chance on Playlist Creator. The good news is that many of the complaints have been addressed in later version that I tested. For instance, it hasn't (yet) hosed my system, the "nag screen" is only shown while the software processes the playlist and then it goes away, and it does, indeed, open existing .m3u playlists. These are good things, but as a spoiled 21st century user I do miss a few convenience features. For instance, PC automatically detects and flags files missing from a playlist, but then requires the user to highlight and delete the missing entries manually. I looked hard for a setting or button that would make those flagged entries go away with one click, but no, there ain't one. Another little grip is that PC doesn't check for duplicates in a playlist. Granted, somebody might want want duplicates, but an optional warning for those who don't would be a nice option. Still, I'd recommend it. show Review details
Lacks ability to load existing playlists! 3 stars by Shaggy Nov 09, 2006 (Read all my 15 reviews)
This software is simple and easy to use. I don't get a nag screen as others have reported, but that could have been in an earlier version. I'm using v3.0.3 which seems to be stable and works fine for me. Drag-and-drop is great. I recommend this software, but I have some suggestions. The most important one being that it MUST be able to import/load existing playlists! It would be an enormously more useful app if it could do that. I have other suggestions too, but I'll send them directly to the software author. If you want to make some quick playlists from scattered music files, give this one a try! show Review details
Makes playlists in a snap 5 stars by superphunk Jul 28, 2006
I was looking for something to let me drag mp3s from different locations on my drive, reorder the tracks to my liking, and generate an m3u file from it. This program does that logically and simply, in the easiest interface I could imagine. More importantly, it works- the m3us work just fine. I'm not sure why others have given it low marks, it's perfectly functional and highly useful. Recommended! show Review details
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