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remove browser toolbars Toolbar Cleaner is a small tool, designed to get rid of unwanted browser toolbars in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. When you launch the program it shows you all the toolbars, plug-ins and extensions it found and offers you to remove them with the click of a button. If you think that this sounds too easy to be true, then (unfortunately) you're right. Toolbar Cleaner doesn't really work as well as it wants you to believe. We loaded our machine with 6 commonly found browser toolbars (Ask, Babylon, AVG, and others) and also installed several Chrome extensions and Firefox plug-ins. When we ran Toolbar Cleaner, it detected all the items and we selected to remove all of them. After the removal process, we opened our browsers and the toolbars where indeed gone! At this point, Toolbar Cleaner looked like a winner... However, as it turns out, Toolbar Cleaner only removes the items from the browser and does not actually remove the entire toolbar installation. In our case 5 out of the 6 toolbars where still listed in "Programs and Features" which left us with a bunch of broken toolbar installs that could have been easily and properly removed without the help of Toolbar Cleaner. (See our screenshot) To make matters worse, Toolbar Cleaner breaks the "AVG Toolbar" and leaves you with an ever returning AVG Search page that is difficult to remove without using manual removal techniques in Safe Mode. [Note: This problem is NOT caused by AVG but due to improper removal by Toolbar Cleaner.] Since Toolbar Cleaner does not remove toolbars properly and even has potential to make matters worse, we cannot recommend it at this time. You are much better off to simply use the provided Uninstaller that comes with all legitimate toolbar installations. Ironically, Toolbar Cleaner comes bundled with its own browser "enhancements" that change your browser home page and search settings unless you opt-out. Copyright

FYI: This program offers to install promotional or third party software. Installation of these components is optional but you should pay attention during setup to avoid installing unwanted software. Read our policy.

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Publisher Visicom Media Inc. (2) Price Free
Version 1.1 Last updated Nov 06, 2012
File Size 240 Kb Requirements None

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What the?? 1 stars by gimpguy Nov 08, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
First of all, It's intrusive, doesn't work, installs it's own garbage and is a total and complete waste of time. It's on the verge of being spyware itself. It must have known where to draw the line to get hosted by Snapfiles because anything further, it would need anti-spyware to remove IT. The funny thing, I didn't install Amazon toolbar, suddenly it's there lol. I use the AVG and Yahoo bars for tests, never had Amazon install! Aside from that, try getting rid of it's own toolbar and start page, I uninstalled, it's still there. I of course finally removed it but it's embedded in the registry. It broke AVG, Yahoo and ASK toolbars, it more or less directs you to use the remove programs, DUH, and if you don't, again, as stated in the description, it breaks the toolbar, not really removing it. It also now causes my IE to crash upon opening. Well, luckily I don't run most things on my main system so it's not really a problem but goes to show. I personally would not host this but it's free and so far not a threat but will keep an eye on it. show Review details
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