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toddler-proof your keyboard Toddler Keys enables you to temporarily lock your keyboard (a.k.a. toddler magnet), mouse and power buttons, preventing small children from causing damage by accidentally hitting the wrong buttons when playing with your keyboard. Instead of simply locking your keyboard, ToddlerKeys actually adds some entertainment value to it - you can load a list of images and sounds, and each time (while locked) a keyboard key is pressed, the program randomly display a sound and/or a full screen image from your collection.To unlock the keyboard and return to normal computer usage, simply type the word QUIT. Copyright

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Publisher D. Schaeffer Price Free
Version .97 Last updated Oct 17, 2005
File Size 480 Kb Requirements None

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Great program, but... 4 stars by sanukram Oct 16, 2007
This program disabled the CD and DVD drives on two separate Win XP computers. When I disabled the startup with msconfig proper operation was restored. Otherwise, it is a very useful program. show Review details
Great program 5 stars by johnhindenach Apr 08, 2007
I have a three year old son and ever since he was able to stand up and get around he was trying to get to the keyboard on my desktop. I found Toddler Keys on a freeware download site and have used it ever since. He LOVES it. It works great, no problems, load whatever pictures u want into it, record your own wav files and go. Experimented with other keyboard bangers and they had issues with my winXP system, causing lockups and freezes. Toddler keys has no such issues. If you have a little one around who is constantly trying to get at you keyboard, download this program, you will be happy that you did. It's Awesome! show Review details
Just what i needed 4 stars by BakerinTN Dec 03, 2006
I needed something to keep my cats from messing up my notebook by lying on the warm keyboard and wandering over the keys. This was just a perfect, simple solution. It should be just as great for younger children, but may not be secure enough for more savvy youngsters. I really like its simplicity, effectiveness and price. show Review details
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