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editor for delimited text files Ron's Editor is a simple editor for tabular files, including CSV and other delimited text formats. It offers a clean and efficient interface that supports in-line editing, as well as adding and deleting of rows and other data manipulation options.You can filter the data view by creating one or more filter views that only show the rows that match your criteria. Each filtered report is opened in a new tab, which makes it easy to analyze the results. Ron's Editor also includes a toolbox that offers a variety of data processing options, including search and replace (text, dates, numbers), adding and removing data, changing case, splitting names, and more. The operations can be applied to selected cells or the entire data set. Other features include summary reports, support for data templates, duplicate row removal and export to HTML, Text, XML or Excel. Ron's Editor can be customized to support any delimited text format Copyright

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial or free to use with limited features.


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Publisher Ron`s Place Apps (2) Price $35.00
Version 2016.09.07.1447  history Last updated Sep 08, 2016
File Size 1.25 Mb Requirements .NET Framework 4

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