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patch and update insecure programs Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector) scans your computer for seriously outdated software products that have been discontinued or require critical security updates from the vendor. The program can recognize almost 30,000 software products and gathers update information from a variety of online sources, a user community and in-house research. Once the scan is completed, Secunia PSI will present you with a list of issues that were detected, along with download links to updated version, additional online information and other details. Copyright

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Publisher Secunia Price Free
Version  history Last updated Feb 02, 2016
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Quite clever, I'd say 5 stars by Henry8 Dec 30, 2011 (Read all my 37 reviews)
The problem with various update programs I have used has been that they either alarm for nothing, or leave crying "Wolf!" when it would be needed. Or, then you have to go deep water fishing for those updates... The updates aren't easily found, making one wonder "Why don't I go to the pages of manufacturers and makers myself?" I was highly skeptic when I tried Secunia PSI, but it certainly surprised me, and did it in a good, good way. 1. No false alarms, really. 2. The interface is extremely clear, nothing unnecessary, nothing needed is left out - at least for a layman. 3. Updates were found immediately, and it even gave me Microsoft security updates in .NET Framework, ones MS never offered. 3. Whilst looking for updates, the program followed all the way and, like an Adobe update turned finally out to be unnecessary, it knew it before I did. It seemed to pick up the info from Adobe page faster than I could "Google Chrome will automatically update this..." So the urge disappeared from the list before I could say "Coffee". If I ever recommended something, this may be the BINGO! show Review details
Updated with issues 4 stars by gimpguy Apr 17, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I just used Secunia on my Windows 7 X64, and I had posted a while back on this app and it has gotten better even since then. It found all old software, ran through, showed me what needed updating. For most of my programs I use all the time, updating is not an issue but many I don't even think to do so this comes in very handy. I did have an issue with Secunia running, would not display programs or anything. After digging into the system and finding a registry fix, it was due to the ActiveX blocking it, I assume through some Flash update. Either way, I posted the fix I found on technet on Secunia forums for good measure. So if you can't get Secunia running, it may be this same issue. Now that it is running, it's working very fast, stable and more accurate than ever. I will still always suggest manually looking over anything before a software decides it should be updated or not. Secunia does a very good job though. show Review details
Ver 2.0 is a serious upgrade 5 stars by netcert Dec 31, 2010 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This WAS an excellent tool for advanced users to keep vulnerability patching for the OS and any installed software on a computer, and is free for personal use. NOW, it is fairly well automated to boot, which makes it much easier for "regular" users to use. Memory issues seem to be non-existent unless you are using a machine with less than 64 MB of RAM. show Review details
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