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personal firewall Privatefirewall is a Personal Firewall and Intrusion Detection Application that helps prevent unauthorized access to your PC, at home, the office, or on the road. Privatefirewall constantly monitors the sensitive areas of a PC where intrusion can occur, including browser security settings, network settings etc. and reports on their status. The program is easy to install/use and provides protection right "out of the box". The interface will accommodate advanced users as well as novice users, it does not overload you with options and features, yet provides access to powerful rule settings and filers for advanced users via the right click menu. Privatefirewall offers everything that you`d expect from a personal firewall, including Packet Filtering, Internet traffic (packet) filtering, port scanning, IP tracking, SecurePOP email protection, and a proprietary Application Control Engine, which monitors all applications that access the Internet. The program integrates with the Windows Security Center, and offers a choice of 3 different profile settings for at home, at work and on the road, which makes it especially interesting for Notebook users that frequently connect to other networks. Copyright

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Excellent firewall and true antispyware 5 stars by z28tommy95597 Mar 22, 2014 (Read all my 6 reviews)
Private Firewall is rather simple to install yet has extremely powerful capabilities and also acts as a true antispyware and protects against screen capture, hooks and logging to name a few quality's. The trick to getting it dialed in right is to properly adjust settings which took me a little while to adjust in knowing how Private Firewall would react. Can be very user friendly and also set as a true professional grade AntiSpyware. Take some time to get use to it, its worth it and will provide world class protection. A lot of people may get disappointed because of some aspects are complex. Dial it in and you will be glad you did. Also works with other firewalls no problem. I recommend Private Firewall and Emsisoft's Online Armor and I run them together with no loss in performance. show Review details
I haven't tried better 4 stars by Smeagal1965 Sep 20, 2013 (Read all my 13 reviews)
PrivateFirewall installs easily and very fast. It is very light on system resources and integrates with the Windows environment (Can control it from action center in Windows 7). It is ready to use right out of the box, but more advanced users can tweak it a little. Has a training mode to make it easier to configure rules. It has passed every test I could throw at it. I have tried several free firewalls over the years and the bottom line is, I have never tried better than PrivateFirewall! There are some just as good however. So why do I use PF? Firstly, it updates frequently. Secondly, it is very effective for my needs. Thirdly, it has very little if any negative impact on pc performance. It is ugly as sin however (lol). After trying them all I'm sticking with PF for the reasons mentioned above. It seems people have real mixed experiences with PF, so try it for yourself. Maybe you will be like me and find just the perfect firewall for your needs. Did I mention that it was really ugly? :o) show Review details
Poor firewall 1 stars by WeissThon May 21, 2013 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Some time ago I had this but uninstalled after an update made it ask again and again each time a program used a new port or so without an option to set it to allowed other than going to settings. Then all settings were lost upon new updates to the program. Since the firewall I changed to (PC Tools') stopped being updated a while ago, I was looking for a new firewall and seeing nothing new and good, tried to check the new version of this. It's much worse. Second PC start I had to hard reboot it, as it made the system hang out and cursor movement was the only input working. Then it causes a big latency to connections and at one point the browser kept one minute and a half with the animation of waiting to contact the server, doing nothing, which stopped happening as soon I closed this firewall. So I'll remember to not waste my time with this ever again. show Review details
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