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optimized Firefox browser Pale Moon is a Firefox clone that has been optimized for for Windows Operating Systems with current, high performance processors. It looks identical to the standard Firefox browser and supports Firefox extensions, themes and identities. All your existing extensions, bookmarks and settings are imported during the installation, so, except for the logo, you won`t notice any difference in functionality. What you may notice however is a difference in speed due to the optimized code which will results in faster scripting and page rendering as well as (slightly) lower memory consumptions. Pale Moon is based on the Firefox source and offers the same levels of security. It supports most Firefox features with the exception of accessibility features and parental control features which have been disabled for performance reasons. Copyright

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Publisher Moonchild Productions Price Free
Version 27.9.3  history Last updated Jun 12, 2018
File Size 31.1 Mb Requirements None

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Best browswer I have used 5 stars by dread.77769815 Nov 09, 2015
It is running fast and furious on my win 10 x64 machine, I can feel the difference it actually uses more of my RAM can you imagine that I thought having so much RAM was useless?. Now I'm running Pale Moon fully customized with complete themes, lots of addons; no freezes, no slow down, flashing pages load speeds it's just like the old Firefox. show Review details
Not impressed 3 stars by danielson Oct 04, 2015 (Read all my 8 reviews)
After reading latest readers most positive comment and after a long hiatus of using this browser, I decided to install PM for another spin. Other than the fact that i wasn't able to view their homepage without giving its own browser a formal permission... Contrary to previous commentator, I have only about 30 extensions on Firefox, so i started to find my first basic one "Firegestures" - oh oh! not available at Palemoon add-on repertoire and the one at Mozilla's is incompatible. My second alternative, "Mouse Gestures" didn't show up at PM site either. Sorry guys, either you have an integrated mouse gesture or add-on or you don't. Every browser has one (except for IE). Back to Firefox or Chromium based browsers. show Review details
Still good 5 stars by OnePiece Sep 28, 2015 (Read all my 11 reviews)
Reading the latest reviews of Pale Moon (hereafter PM) I felt like writing a review, since I think writing this browser off is a mistake. I recently returned to PM after being disappointed in Chromium-based browsers (Opera and SRWare Iron in particular). Although PM has its flaws (coming from the Firefox heritage, like high memory consumption), all-in-all I am satisfied with it and use it exclusively. With regard to the incompatibilities mentioned in the previous reviews: as of now (Sep 2015) I don't really feel this a big problem. All of my favourite extensions work (I have atm. 105 extensions enabled and 30 disabled, these all work flawlessly). There are a few web sites that misbehave, but not more than with Chromium. Windows XP compatibility is not broken, you only need to use the Atom targeted builds. So I cannot agree with these criticisms, and recommend Pale Moon to everyone who wants to use a less bloated and more customisable browser. show Review details
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