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normalize the volume of your MP3 files MP3Gain analyzes and adjusts mp3 files so that they have the same, consistent volume. The program does not just do peak normalization, as many normalizers do, but instead attempts statistical analysis to determine how loud the file actually sounds to the human ear. The changes MP3Gain makes are completely lossless, there is no quality lost in the change because the program adjusts the mp3 file directly, without decoding and re-encoding. Copyright

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Publisher MP3Gain Team Price Free
Version 1.25 Last updated May 09, 2005
File Size 651 Kb Requirements None

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Great product to lower mp3 volumes in batch 5 stars by gaiusgracchus33140 Jun 25, 2016
I needed something to lower the volume on a large number of Mp3 files. I had trouble getting Audacity to do it - it seemed to only do some of the files in a given directory or collection. Furthermore it only was able to do edits by converting to wav files first then back to mp3 (!!!!??) Then I tried the Sobolsoft volume program and it puffed the size of my mp3 files to almost twice the original! So the MP3Gain was the best option by far. Not only does it not increase file sizes, it will do the edits without having to do any conversions to intermediate wave files. At first I was confused about how to get it to lower the volume below the target of 75db. So that is the only pain - that you have to work around this limit. How I did it: Select 'Add folder' (note it will edit your files IN PLACE) Change "Target 'Normal' Value" to 75 (it won't go lower) Click 'Track Analysis' (will test all in folder - takes a while if lots of files - skip the following step if your volumes are already less than 75) Click 'Album Gain' (should be one of the icons on top - makes all in folder 75 Click 'Modify Gain', then 'Constant Gain' Set slider to lowest amount (on mine this was -12db) Click the down arrow by 'Track Gain' and make it be 'Constant Gain' Click 'Constant Gain' (changes all tracks to -12db) Keep doing the constant gain edit until you get volumes as low as you want. show Review details
Simple and easy to use 5 stars by shawndarichuk607 May 07, 2016 (Read all my 6 reviews)
The interface couldn't be simpler. Click to scan files. Click to normalize files. Done. show Review details
Still the best after all these years... 5 stars by mikesantana Dec 09, 2015 (Read all my 25 reviews)
First used this when I was on Win ME, now on Win 10! Works ONLY on MP3s, because what it actually does is change media playback settings in the MP3 file headers. It does NOT touch the actual music content at all. So it can always return to the initial default with no harm done. Its main use (and what I want) is to make any motley collection of music tracks all sound about the same loudness to the human ear. Once it has analyzed the tracks, it records the current (default) settings in the file headers, and lists them - this never needs to be done again. It tells you whether that level "clips" the sound peaks (happens a lot on old recordings), and whether the target normalized level will "clip". So you can choose a target level which will preserve the sound quality of all tracks (no clipping), let some clip (will cause odd distortion), or set it to keep peaky tracks below clip level - I choose this usually, choosing a target level so that few if any tracks will be affected. All this is easy to discover from the display, with a little trial-and-error. So my car's MP3 player collection currently includes music from Free, Queen, B.B. King, Everly's, Motorhead, Abba, Cream, Buddy Holly, Santana, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis and Mozart - among others! All very listenable... Much easier to use than it sounds - try it! show Review details
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