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anti-theft system for notebooks LAlarm is a clever anti-theft alarm software for your laptop that provides different security features to prevent your laptop from being stolen, as well as data recovery and destruction options to protect your sensitive data. The program can sound an audible alarm if someone is trying to steal your laptop, and also lock down your system if someone is trying to hack your password. Once the system has been locked down due to password tempering, the program can try to upload data from selected folders to your Gmail account and/or securely delete the content of selected folders or drives. LAlarm assumes that someone is trying to steal your computer if the power cord is unplugged or if a USB drive is removed while the system is armed. You can lock down your laptop with any USB drive by fastening a strap to the USB stick and then securing it to a table, chair, luggage or other object - if someone wants to steal your laptop, he will need to unplug the USB drive, which will activate the alarm. Other features include battery alerts, perimeter alarms (based on IP address range), email and SMS notifications, command-line executions, and more. LAlarm if free for personal use, business use requires a license. Copyright

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Publisher LAlarm Systems O/S XP/Vista/7
Price Free Requirements .NET Framework 2.0
Version 5.7 File Size 635 Kb
Last updated May 14, 2010
Addtl. Notes Free for personal use only.

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Interesting software that needs improvement 4 stars by wildgoosespeeder Dec 15, 2010 (Read all my 52 reviews)
What a clever piece of software! The alarm was so loud it nearly gave me a heart attack when I was testing this to see how this works for myself. Ha ha. Well there are some things that need some improvement. When setting the options, you need to either reboot your computer or logout and login again. Why can't it use updated options right away? I found out that you can't terminate the program when you really don't need to use it under normal circumstances. Well I found out if you use Task Manager (ctrl+alt+delete) and go to processes and terminate "LAlarmSub.exe" and then start that same process again, you really don't need to reboot your computer or logout and login again. Another problem is you need a Gmail account to receive text messages on your phone. I don't want a Gmail account. Either I'm not fully understanding how this feature works or this feature needs to be redesigned to be much easier. showShow review details
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