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disk cataloging InsideCAT is a disk cataloging program for CD-ROMs, Audio CDs, floppies, ZipDisks etc. It offers support for compressed files (ZIP, RAR, CAB, ACE, JAR, ARJ, LZH, LHA, ARC, ZOO, PAK, TAR, GZIP, EXE) and 22 formats of media files. It can index the content of your drive or media for offline searching. Once indexed, you can search the media without having to insert the physical disk. InsideCAT Lite Editionoffers simple text search, as well as advanced search with support for wildcards, regular expressions, attribute search, printing, export and more. Copyright

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Publisher Victor Garcia Tascon Price Free
Version 5.02  history Last updated Aug 14, 2012
File Size 8.98 Mb Requirements None

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Works well 3 stars by gimpguy Aug 21, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I would assume it works better with multiple cores now since it's still chewing one up but didn't hinder the system. That said, it did catalog my music collection well but I wish with the print feature, you could highlight file names or turn them a different color. Everything is so mono when printed your eyes go buggy trying to separate what's there when looking at a title or file name. Also, when printing to pdf, it will bleed over and not fit on pages so you may want to remove some options from printing or size the text. Otherwise it works alright for a free cataloging utility but the interface could use a major makeover. At this point, I would rather create a batch file to list my items (which I do) but the cataloging tool holds little in the way of keeping me interested in using it. show Review details
Nice stuff, but eating a lot of cpu 2 stars by Jed_Be Aug 18, 2008 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I tried this for some folders. Music ones to be precise. I don't know why, but sometimes it runs well, and sometimes, it's awfully slow, in fact, taking hours to complete a 2000 folder entries. So far, I didn't detect what causes that slow down. Only one thing is sure, it eats a whole processor all the time. So, good for the information it gives, but really bad in terms of efficiency. Sorry guys, but this thing sucks ! show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Aug 02, 2012: The problem about eating all CPU is true, but only when creating new catalogs or searching (these are heavy tasks). Also, this will be a problem only on single CPU core machines (on multi-core machines InsideCAT will "eat" only one core). No problem for multi-core computers. About "long-time" catalog creating, this usually means unreadable (or partially unreadable) files. Check disk integrity if this happens (InsideCAT 5 calculates CRC32 checksum for all files, if InsideCAT assigns a zero CRC32, 00000000, the file is not fully readable).
Won't update catalogues on cd-rw or dvd-rw 3 stars by ToughCritic Mar 13, 2006
V3.25 fails to update catalogues on cd or dvd, it only checks floppy drive. to update a cd or dvd, must delete old catatalogue, and start a new catalogue for the updated cd or dvd. won't work on a home network, with multi users trying to access the catalogues. no simple one button formatted printed output, only plain text, does have many options to output to database which is good, but i would like one button simple printed output to a4 portrait. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on May 07, 2007: Version 4 has 6 new reports windows style. Re-cataloguing function has been improved. It has no network functions, as is designed for standalone users (limited network read-only multiuser mode it is supposed to work, but no support about this).
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