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file encryption program FinalCrypt a Java based file encryption program that offers a more secure approach to data encryption than traditional encryption software. Instead of using a password or small cipher, FinalCrypt uses a much larger cipher file (e.g. a unique personal photo or video that only you have access to) to toggle the bits in your data file with the unique bit patterns in your cipher file. For a supercomputer to crack the encryption it would have to be able to randomly recreate an exact duplicate of your personal photo or video, which is realistically impossible. You can use any type of file as the cipher file but using a unique photo or video is a more practical approach because you will need to remember which file you used in order to decrypt the data. The FinalCrypt interface is very basic, you select the file you want to encrypt on the left side and choose the cipher file on the right. Click the "Encrypt" button and your file will be encrypted with a .bit extension. The original file is deleted in the process. Although, all this sounds great, FinalCrypt should be used with caution! To decrypt a file, you need to select the (encrypted) file with the .bit extension in the left pane, the cipher file in the right pane and then click the "Encrypt" button again. This can be a little confusing and if you accidentally select the wrong cipher file, your encrypted file will be reconstructed with the wrong cipher and become unusable. The developer should, at the very least, offer a confirmation dialog to make sure that you have selected the correct cipher file. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the process before encrypting any important data, otherwise your encryption could indeed be "final". Copyright

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Publisher Ron de Jong Price Free
Version 2.2.0  history Last updated Jun 08, 2018
File Size 68.5 Mb Requirements Java

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