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advanced clipboard utility ClipMagic is an advanced clipboard manager with rules and filters that let you automatically categorize new clips based on keywords in the text, size of the text or image, the program, or the website URL. You can file them automatically in the designated folders for instant retrieval, perform substring replacements and/or automatically paste the clip into a specified window. In addition, you can also also file your clips manually, as with other clipboard tools, or drag and drop them between categories. If you have copied an item from the web, ClipMagic also stores the address of the web page where you found your clip, and lets you return to that page with a single click. Another unique feature is the enhanced support for web text or images, as it automatically copies the portion of the source code as well and keeps it as a comment. Additional features include a built-in web browser interface, the ability to merge clips, send clips by email, convert bitmap images to JPEGs, enhanced memory management, spell check and more. Copyright

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Publisher MJT Net Ltd (2) Price $14.99
Version 4.1  history Last updated Jul 06, 2011
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Very unreliable product 1 stars by balkaster Feb 01, 2009 (Read all my 9 reviews)
I have tried ClipMagic several times over the years on several different computers (all Windows PCs), and I have never understood why it gets such high ratings. I have always found it to be a very unreliable product, and I always end up uninstalling it within a couple of days. It does not reliably capture anything from the clipboard. It begins corrupting image clips almost immediately, either by inexplicably reducing the file size to nothing or by selecting one clip seemingly at random and making ALL other image clips duplicates of it. Text clips mysteriously disappear. Trash is not reliably disposed of. The screen capture utility does not seem to work at all. And it's always been like this. I'm astonished these guys are still in business. Don't waste your time with ClipMagic. show Review details
Does conflict in a network. 1 stars by Thor_Hedderich Jan 20, 2009
When you copy a file from a network location an error message appears and it says Clipmagic is shutting down, I wrote to the support team and still waiting for a solution, it happens in Vista and XP. I am looking toward another Clip utility, also Clipmagic has not improved since a long time. I do not recommend it. show Review details
Reasonably okay 3 stars by 1Martin1 Aug 06, 2008 (Read all my 6 reviews)
I use it as part of my business so I bought it. Very strange that I got a key I can't insert anywhere. I asked them about this and this seems to be correct. The key is not necessary but the payment is, seeing as I use ClipMagic for commercial use. Why then send me a key at all? I like the program, but my biggest issue with it is that it doesn't always seem to grab whatever you copied. This now results in me using the right mouse button again and use the old fashioned way of copy and paste. Obviously this was not the plan and not why I bought the program. I am therefore somewhat disappointed because it can be very useful if they would sort that problem out. show Review details
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