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Windows 7/8/10

prevent file-lock ransomware attacks AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is a software designed to prevent file-lock ransomware attacks that encrypt your files and keep them hostage. The program monitors your system and automatically blocks most encrypting ransomware while keeping a backup of your original files in a driver-protected directory, allowing you to rollback any changes that were made. Other features include an alert if an execution is blocked, auto-update, The free version will protect your files but cannot remove the ransomware infection, you can upgrade to the Pro version or use an anti-virus program to remove the ransomware infection. AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is designed to work alongside your traditional anti-virus software. Copyright

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PublisherCheckmalPrice Free (paid upgrade optional)
Version2.5.21.1  historyLast updatedMar 18, 2019
File Size8.01 Mb RequirementsNone

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