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convert scanned documents to text files SimpleOCR enables you to convert scanned documents to text files or Word documents. You can simply insert a printed document into your scanner, and SimpleOCR will scan and analyze the text and present you with a spell checker view that allows you to correct incorrectly identified words or spelling mistakes. The result can then be saved to a text file or Word (.doc) document. The free version works with printed documents, and also includes a trial option for recognition of handwritten documents. Copyright

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Publisher Scanstore Price Free
Version 3.1 Last updated Nov 22, 2007
File Size 9.28 Mb Requirements None

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I wouldn`t bother 2 stars by gimpguy Oct 09, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Yeah it's free and such but I scanned a perfect document with text, nothing more, very clear, dark, etc... first it told me the scanner wasn't working right, yah, 1 wk old and have used it numerous times, no issues. Got it working using another driver this app felt more appropriate, the document came out looking rough but not unreadable. This SimpleOCR didn't get anything right, perhaps 25% of the document, IF that. There are much better I'm sure and was using one and now forgot since it's been a while, so used MSoffice one note, converted everything to a T. The search continues for a decent OCR freeware.... show Review details
Hit or miss 3 stars by Shaggy Sep 30, 2008 (Read all my 15 reviews)
The program size is misrepresented as 576 kb, when it is actually a 9511 kb install package. This was a little disappointing, as I generally hunt for smaller apps. The 576 kb piece is really just a downloader for the actual installer package, kind of cheap. I downloaded this for a specific task, and it didn't perform very well with it. I would estimate less than 50% accuracy. I understand that this has much to do with the quality of the source, but the program supposedly has the ability to read non-cursive hand-written notes, which is not what I was feeding it. Rather, I was giving it typeface, so I expected slightly better results. I have not compared the results to any other OCR apps, so I can't tell you this worked better or worse than another, all I can say is that it didn't do what I needed it to in my specific case. So I can only give it a middle of the road review and say go ahead and give it a try, your mileage may vary. show Review details
Does a wonderful job 4 stars by Nicholas Oct 06, 2006 (Read all my 66 reviews)
I had to convert some paper text from an old booklet to text for a website and tried some OCR shareware programs in vain. I was about to give up but just in time I decided to give the freeware prog SimpleOCR one try. That was enough. I had my text file in a few minutes. And what's more the program assisted me spell checking in the Dutch language. Very satisfying! Recommended. show Review details
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