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This is a (long) list with more than 600 portable applications that are currently listed on our site. Portable apps don't need to be installed, you can simply copy them to a folder (or USB stick) and run them. To remove a portable app, simply delete the files.

You can also find these programs by browsing through our categories or search engine results. The list is sorted by release date (newest first).

DShutdownDShutdown1.73.2Free shutdown network machinesshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(2)
AutoHideDesktopIconsAutoHideDesktopIcons2.85Free unclutter your desktopshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(1)
NewFileTimeNewFileTime2.78Free manipulate file datesshowEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
BCUninstallerBCUninstaller3.8Free batch uninstall utilityshowEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
PingInfoViewPingInfoView1.60Free ping a list of ip addressesshowEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
ZHPCleanerZHPCleaner2017.3.28.54Free find and remove browser hijacksshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(1)
iPhotoDrawiPhotoDraw2.3Free Add annotation to your picturesshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(8)
RJ TextEdRJ TextEd12.05Free text and code editorshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(8)
CloneSpyCloneSpy3.34Free find and remove duplicate filesshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(3)
Advanced RenamerAdvanced Renamer3.76Free batch file renamershowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(5)
Database.NETDatabase.NET21.3.6295Free universal database managershowEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
TidyTabsTidyTabs1.2.1Free Give every window a tabbed user interfaceshowEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
TapinRadioTapinRadio2.04.4Free Internet radio player with recordingshowEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
RogueKillerRogueKiller12.10.2Free malware removal helpershowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(4)
PeaZipPeaZip6.4.0Free archiving and compression utilityshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(7)
Directory MonitorDirectory Monitor2.10.8.9Free monitor the contents of folders for changesshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(2)
TreeSizeTreeSize4.0Free investigate disk space usageshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(9)
MiTeC Mail ViewerMiTeC Mail Viewer2.3.0Free viewer for email filesshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(12)
LosslessCutLosslessCut1.6.0Free simply video editor for lossless trimmin and cuttingshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(1)
MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxeMiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe2.7.0Free Full-featured task manager replacementshowEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
nomacsnomacs3.6.1Free image viewer with RAW and PSD supportshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(1)
ToDoListToDoList7.1.2.2Free to-do list managershowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(2)
Automatic ScreenshotterAutomatic Screenshotter1.05Free take screenshots at regular intervalsshowEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
TaskSchedulerViewTaskSchedulerView1.26Free view and manage scheduled tasksshowEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
SterJo Facebook Password FinderSterJo Facebook Password Finder1.2Free recover stored Facebook logins from your browsershowEditor:rating
Users :no user rating

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