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This is a (long) list with more than 600 portable applications that are currently listed on our site. Portable apps don't need to be installed, you can simply copy them to a folder (or USB stick) and run them. To remove a portable app, simply delete the files.

You can also find these programs by browsing through our categories or search engine results. The list is sorted by release date (newest first).

Display Driver UninstallerDisplay Driver Uninstaller18.0.0.9Free completely remove your graphics drivers showEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
DirPrintOKDirPrintOK3.07Free print and save directory contents showEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
Wise Program UninstallerWise Program Uninstaller2.34Free uninstall programs and remove leftovers showEditor:rating
Users :user rating(7)
TreeSizeTreeSize4.3.1Free Find out which folders take up the most space showEditor:rating
Users :user rating(9)
BulkFileChangerBulkFileChanger1.60Free change file dates and attributes showEditor:rating
Users :user rating(1)
ImageUSBImageUSB1.4.1001Free write an image to multiple USB drives showEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
DNSQuerySnifferDNSQuerySniffer1.75Free monitor DNS queries on your system showEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
Avira Privacy PalAvira Privacy Pal1.8.0.1831Free fix more than 200 Windows privacy issues showEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
HDCleanerHDCleaner1.242Free all-in-one system cleaning and maintenance showEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
Image To PDF or XPSImage To PDF or XPS4.0.6983Free convert most image types to PDF documents showEditor:rating
Users :user rating(1)
DSynchronizeDSynchronize2.43.68Free file synchronization tool showEditor:rating
Users :user rating(15)
AskAdminAskAdmin1.6Trial block access to selected programs showEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
RetroShareRetroShare0.6.5Free decentralized file sharing network showEditor:rating
Users :user rating(2)
OW ShredderOW Shredder6.45Free digital file and hard drive shredder showEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
SharedScreenSharedScreen1.6Free share your screen without installing any software showEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
GhostpressGhostpress1.4.438Free stop keyloggers from spying on you showEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
sWeathersWeather1.8.1Free portable weather app showEditor:rating
Users :user rating(4)
Wireless Network WatcherWireless Network Watcher2.20Free network scanner showEditor:rating
Users :user rating(2)
ScreenWingsScreenWings2.1Free block screen capture tools showEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
NirLauncherNirLauncher1.20.73Free 100+ portable system utilities showEditor:rating
Users :user rating(8)
Database.NETDatabase.NET26.8.6981Free universal database manager showEditor:rating
Users :user rating(1)
ToDoListToDoList7.2.5Free to-do list manager showEditor:rating
Users :user rating(3)
Safe In CloudSafe In Cloud19.0.1.0Free secure password manager showEditor:rating
Users :user rating(2)
CPixCPix2.4.1Free A compact and fast photo viewer showEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
PictorPictor1.19.3Free powerful and easy-to-use photo editor showEditor:rating
Users :user rating(1)

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