Editor's Selections

Our Editor's Selections are a collection of software from different categories grouped into popular topics. Some topics may be temporary or seasonal while others are permanent.

These programs are often scattered across multiple catgories. Our Editor Selections are designed to make the choice easier for you. We pick some of the best or most popular programs for each topic.

Test system speed and hardware performance These tools let you benchmark various performance aspects of your computer, including drive speeds, network speeds, Internet speeds, RAM and more.

Monitor and Secure your WiFi connection These tools enable you to keep an eye on your WiFi connection. You can measure signal strength, recover WiFi passwords, and also make sure your neighbors are not using your bandwidth or stealing your data...

Manage and secure your online passwords Password management is essential to avoid Identity Theft. These tools will help you store your passwords securely, create strong passwords and simplify your online logins...

Manipulate documents and files A selection of programs that you can use to resize, compress, merge or otherwise manipulate popular file formats, including PDF, images, videos etc.

Free tools to clean your computer These programs let you clean your computer, remove junk files, temporary files, Internet tracks and other items that take up unnecessary space on your hard drive.

Essential Freeware for Network Geeks If you run a home or small offfice network, these tools can be essential to manage, analyze and diagnose your networked computers.

Must-Have Freeware Out of all the free apps we have listed, this is what we consider to be the must-have freeware programs for the average PC user.

15 Free Tools To Protect Your Privacy Use these free tools to protect your privacy by hiding your IP address, shredding the content of personal files, delete Internet traces, encrypt sensitive documents and more.

Free tools to boost your productivity A variety of tools that can boost your productivity by helping you automate tasks, manage your desktop, email, files and daily routines.

Automate File Management and Routine Tasks A selection of free apps that can automatically process your files, automate your daily task or save you time by simplifying complex operations.

Must-Have Freeware (Advanced Uses) This list adds to our "Must-Have Freeware Apps" list and includes software that is not necessarily of interest to the average home user.

Handy Tools for Webmasters A selection of popular programs that are useful for webmasters and site developers.

Handy programs to carry on a USB stick. These FREE programs do not require any installation and can be run directly from a USB drive. Keep some useful apps handy while on-the-go!

Keep your confidential data safe and secure These apps will help you keep your confidential data safe and secure. They include password managers, encryption tools, secure storage containers and tools to hide your files from prying eyes.

Tweak and Customize your computer If you like to tinker with your PC, customize your desktop and tweak all sorts of system settings, you should have a look at this selection of software.

Take your photos further... Turn your digital photos into works of art, create scrapbook pages, apply cool effects and more.

Freeware Classics A variety of popular freeware applications that have remained free for many years. Check out some of these time-tested and top rated classics!

Also: Recommended by users A list of the Top 50 apps with the most positive user reviews over the past few months

Article: Use Windows 8 without Metro getting in the way With just a few changes (and some free software), you can make Windows 8 look and feel like Windows 7...

Check out these featured downloads...

File Scavenger

File Scavenger file undelete and data recovery utility

Spytech SpyAgent

Spytech SpyAgent local and remote pc monitoring

MessageExport for Outlook

MessageExport for Outlook convert emails to PDF and other formats


FreeMind mind mapping software


Calibre e-book manager and reader

360 Internet Security

360 Internet Security triple engine antivirus program