ShareX Take a screenshot, have it uploaded and get the URL copied... Free
TeamViewer Remote control any computer over the Internet within seconds... Free
File Scavenger
File Scavenger Recover files that have been accidentally deleted, formatted or lost...

Screen capture and editing software

PicPick enables you to grab an image on your computer screen, save, print, add effects, and share. Free!

Log everything users do on your computer!

Monitor all computer usage and internet activity. Includes over 15 powerful computer monitoring tools.

Automation, integration and Task scheduling tool

VisualCron lets you automate scripts and batch files, FTP, SQL queries, file operations and more...

The Daily Freeware Pick

Extra Keys

Quickly type any accented characters...

Extra Keys is a small utility that provides a quicker alternative to the Windows Character Map. It runs in the system tray and makes it easy to insert accented characters for French, German, Spanish ...

Featured New Releases & Updates Apr 19, 2014

More new software and updates...

Reloads Noteworthy freeware you may have missed in the past


Expi Desktop ManagerratingExpi Desktop Manager enables you to efficiently manage multiple open windows by quickly moving and resizing them into predefined desktop zones...


EagleGetratingEagleGet is a download manager that you can use to speed up and manage all your file and media downloads...